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The Home of the Puddingstone

Mount Bures "Motte" was built around 1067 or 1068.
The Mound is a Scheduled Ancient Monument

Unfortunately, this web site is no longer updated, as all my regular contacts in the village have now passed away.

Regrettably no parishioners or other sources have contacted me since August 2020, with material to publish on these pages

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With no interest or feedback, this web site is scheduled to close on January 1st 2024.
It may be incorporated into "Bures-online", if there is sufficient hosting capacity

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Where are we ?

The parish of Mount Bures takes its name from the "Mount" or "Mound" which stands at the centre of the village and "bur" which means building or dwelling.
The village resides in Essex, the River Stour to the North and Wakes Colne to the south.

Mount Bures was previously called "Bures St John, Little Bures or Bures Sackville" to distinguish it from Bures Hamlet and Bures St Mary.
Today Mount Bures is its adopted name.
The railway opened in 1848 and runs through the centre of the village
The nearest rail station is located at Bures Hamlet

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The Ideal Christmas Present

Ths book tells the story of how the Bures and Mount Bures parishioners survived the Second World War.

Based on hundreds of notes left behind by Hugh Creek, who was the Headmaster at Bures Primary School during the conflict.

View the book contents and the reviews.
Publication date July 20th, 2021

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