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Archaeological Dig at Mount Bures, Summer 2011

One metre square test pits were excavated in four private gardens around the Motte to try and the date and characterise historic activity.
These were carried out by members of the public working independently with instruction and supervision as necessary provided by professional archaeologists from ACA.

Map of Test Pit sites

Herds Pasture, Rectory Road (No4 on map)


A single one metre square test pit was dug in the rear lawn of this
You will see at the top of the dig ( red arrow) the remains what was most probably a Victorian rubbish tip.
This uncovered various bottles and broken pottery

Obviously not what the team were searching for,
but to find this collection
amongst the vast expanse of lawn was very fortunate.

Shippam`s Potted Meat ceramic jar.

The Shippam`s were prominent grocers and later butchers in Chichester. In 1892, they expanded by building a factory behind the butcher's shop to manufacture canned goods and potted meats.
Today, Shippam`s are no longer a family firm and their Chichester factory moved out of the town centre in 2002 to be amalgamated into the "Princes" brand.
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"Cunningham and DeFourier" were the purveyors of

Potted Meats in London
The Cunningham & De Fourier Co's Ltd 'specialities' - the choicest potted meats and fish in the Universe - 40 West India Dock Road, London
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Two Hoots, Hall Road (No9 on map)
Unfortunately nothing of interest was found
Test Pit in Garden

Volunteers having some well earned refreshments

Nothing found, time to fill in.

Yorklette, Hall Road (No5 on map)
Small pieces of Pottery found
Michael Wood (blue shirt) filming in the rear garden
Photographs supplied by Christine Morgan at Yorklette

Linden House, Hall Road (No6 on map)

The excavation revealed one of a piece of
12th century medieval pottery

Test pit in rear garden
Photographs courtesy of Ian and Ruth Woodman