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War Memorial

Arthur C Brown - Killed in action WW2



St John the Baptist Church Mount Bures
and Valley Green Farm

Valley Green Farm

The farm is visible on the left of the photograph, looking to the west across the Stour Valley from St Johns Churchyard

William and Alice Brown`s gravestone, is located along this boundary fence ( see below)

Valley Green Farmhouse

Valley Green Farm to the left

St Johns Church

This statue of St John the Baptist was presented to Mount Bures Church by the parents of Arthur Brown, as a memorial to their sons death.

The statue stands beside the East Window, behind the Alter inside the Church.
Unfortunately, it contains no information indicating the reason for its existence.
The small plaque below just states "St John the Baptist", see top left photo, bottom left corner of window

Documents obtained for the Essex Records Office during August 2019, recorded the following:
Sculptor: Mr B Dobson
Tudor Cottage
Wyatts Lane
Little Cornard

Cost £60
There is no trace of this person on the Internet or Ancestry

The Parochial Church Council approved the offer from Mr and Mrs Brown, during January 1959
The necessary documentation was submitted to the Diocese in Chelmsford, April 1959
So I think we can assume, the statue was erected late 1959.


According to the Church Minutes, this statue was placed in a "existing niche by the Alter window"

Looking closely at the wall to the left of the window, you can definitely see where it has been re-plastered, presumably to make good the previous recess,

Minutes of the Parochial Church Council 1959
Details the Sculptors name.

Update:- a memorial plaque will shortly be installed in recognition of Arthur with his name and birth/death dates
Slow progress on the new plaque, the Diocese at Chelmsford insisting on following stringent procedures when erecting Memorials within CofE Churches (22/06/2019)
Final submission to the Diocese July 2019

William and Alice May Brown, parents of Arthur Brown
Dated 1979 located in the cemetery of Mount Bures Church

Additional research by Alan Beales
Mount Bures church statue and gravestone information, John Cowlin.

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Update with Records Office facts 08/08/2019